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Product Configurators

Tools and Strategies for the Personalization of Objects

This book provides a source of inspiration and a manual for designers, entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking into the practical application of product configurators. In this growing profession, there is a need for a book which focuses on the configuration process from a design perspective. The book delves into the practical application of configurators using case studies of selected firms that present their most significant works. It offers the reader tips, suggestions, technical details and critical issues which need to be considered, from experienced actors and pioneers worldwide. Click here to order it at Routledge >>

Design Merit Award

Far Eastern International Digital Architectural Design Award

Excerpt from the jury's statement: The project "Web-Site/Web-House Housing Mass Customization" connects online games with parametrically generative ideas and means of fabrication and it arrives at a building system that bridges these disparate worlds. As an exploration, it is a quite rich and complete development of a new approach in architecture with extensive use of digitaltechnology. Click here to read more about the project >>

Configurator X.me

Online Configurator for MYOP (Make Your Own Path)

The configurator allows users to shape their own model of the customizable shelving system called “X.me” by pulling and pushing modules through a red “X” and to see in real time how this affects the form in 3D. Due to its gaming logic, when users model a shelf without inputting any dimensions or functional information, they actually discover – often through unexpected results – the system’s several possibilities in a playful and challenging way. The design of the shelving system was developed from LAPS Architecture together with MYOP (Make Your Own Path) and it is made from a matrix of 25 unique CNC milled panels stuck together in fours to form a rhomboidal pattern, or an “X,” through ad hoc aluminum joints.


A customizable soft and gently flexible surface for relaxing

Mimicking clients who show images to explain what they would like, the user expresses his wishes by mixing “metaphorical icons” in a 2D configurator. This results in a 3D shape that the user can configure through an iterative process. Finally the software automatically creates the manufacturing data. The software eventually identifies the user’s location and shows a network of nearby small enterprises able to produce the configured item. Since the manufacturing of a Sobe requires different sorts of expertise, the software suggests various production lines in connecting enterprises. Finally, the user chooses which line to “activate.”