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SONIC SNAIL (Directional Sound Module_2008) Fabio Schillaci for Lorenzo Brusci and Architettura Sonora (B&C Speakers) Design Team:Fabio Schillaci, Lorenzo Brusci and Alessandro Genovese The SONIC SNAIL is part of the work of sound-artist Lorenzo Brusci about sound modules for architecture. Quoting Lorenzo´s words, these are “Visible and invisible sound modules able to enhance and transfigure architectural, urban and landscape sites. Our sound modules are able to excite and re-design the acoustic perception of space...”.The SONIC SNAIL is a “digital machine” for designing a family of forms - whereof the snail is the first - that is based on 7 splines that define geometrically the body of each module. The changing of one of these splines - obtained by moving one or more of their control vertices - causes a variation in the surface and thus in the acustic behaviour of the module. The SONIC SNAIL has a concave “head” which concentrates and reflects back the waves emitted from the speaker, directing them back down to the “tail” that stabilizes them before droping them to the area below.